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Natalie's Story

I began to explore Yoga as a form of post-traumatic stress therapy 10 years ago. Along with complementary healing modalities and perseverance, I initiated the beginning of the most outrageous healing experience of my inner landscape and struggled through broken bones and a shattered heart with determination, discipline and a love/hate attitude toward the Yoga Mat

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Alka's Story


I struggled for most of my life with food. Starving myself to the anorexic version of myself, binge eating then to the fuller, rounder version of me. I was constantly comparing myself to others. And through this process of comparing myself to others the whole time I completely lost myself and didn't take any note of how I was or what was right for my body or even what my body likes or not. 

So how did this rollercoaster all end for me? Two vital experiences played a major role in my journey to finding myself again.

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Brett's Story


In 2007 I was misdiagnosed three times with a lip lesion that was thought originally to be a fever blister. It eventually emerged that Squamous Cell Carcinoma was the real culprit, and because of the uniquely aggressive nature of my case, I was wheeled into emergency surgery within 48 hours of diagnosis.

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Oneplan Health Insurance

Comprehensive and Hospital Plans from R285pm Putting healthcare in the hands of more South Africans We've designed our Plan options to be simple, cost effective and easy to understand so that when accidents or illnesses occur you know what you are covered for.

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