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In 2007 I was misdiagnosed three times with a lip lesion that was thought originally to be a fever blister. It eventually emerged that Squamous Cell Carcinoma was the real culprit, and because of the uniquely aggressive nature of my case, I was wheeled into emergency surgery within 48 hours of diagnosis.
My first surgery was to remove the malignant sore at the source, causing me to lose one third of my lip. Three months later, what was again misdiagnosed as a lymph node in trauma, became the indicator signaling that the cancer had spread into my lymphatic system. 
My final treatment to ensure the annihilation of any rogue malignant cells was radium treatment for three months, which stole my taste buds for six months and my beard for good.
The emotional and psychological impact was far-reaching. I was suddenly exposed to my fear of death and, more surprisingly, my fear of wholehearted living. 
I was blessed with the most incredible team of four doctors who, with great care and compassion, walked me through my cancer journey towards remission, where I am today. All of them offered the same advice when I asked how I could ensure that cancer never again has the chance to enter my body – “Be overly pedantic about what you feed your body and your mind.” 
It was because of the dark places I journeyed that I created Cancer Journey Coaching to help those going through cancer to understand what to expect, process their journey and foster a powerful belief system while at the same time supporting them in growing their knowledge of whether what they put into their bodies will starve or feed the cancer. For more information or to contact me log on to:

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