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I struggled for most of my life with food. Starving myself to the anorexic version of myself, binge eating then to the fuller, rounder version of me. I was constantly comparing myself to others. And through this process of comparing myself to others the whole time I completely lost myself and didn't take any note of how I was or what was right for my body or even what my body likes or not. 

So how did this rollercoaster all end for me? Two vital experiences played a major role in my journey to finding myself again.
Yoga - We live in a society that is so focused on the outside and yoga made me look inside and discovered who I truly am, accepting and loving myself - thighs and all. I believe that the journey of self-awareness in body, mind and soul is the true path to healing. I completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training at The Shala, Cape Town South Africa with inspiring teacher Mariah Betts and Tamsin Sheehy in 2015. 

I attended the world's leading nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and finally learned to get off this rollercoaster for good. I discovered "eating" for the first time - what foods are right for my unique body. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, based in New York City, is one of a kind nutrition school that integrates many dietary theories, combining the knowledge of traditional philosophies like Ayurveda and macrobiotics with modern concepts like Primary Foods, Food Pyramids and Raw foods. Some of my many teachers include: Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Anne-Marie Colbin, Joel Fuhrman, Barry Sears (The Zone), Neal Barnard, Arthur Agatston (South Beach Diet), Sally Fallon, Mark Hyman, Andrea Beaman, David Katz, John Douillard, Walter Willet, Marion Nestle and Harville Hendrix. 

I am mom to Alexi, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and certified Health coach and Nutritionist. I have found balance in my life and don't crucify myself for the occasional indulgent on a special occasion anymore as it is not what you eat some of the time that makes you healthy, but it's what you eat most of the time. 

 I now invest my time in practicing and teaching yoga daily and feeding my body delicious and exciting vegan meals. This way of eating helps me to have clear thoughts and energy every day. I feel at peace inside and assist in making the world a happier, more prosperous place and no longer comparing my bum in jeans to those of my friends. Most importantly, I get to help people by empowering themselves to gain power back over their health through nourishing their body, mind and soul, moving daily and love and accepting themselves as they really are and by doing that I found the healthiest version of myself!

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