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I began to explore Yoga as a form of post-traumatic stress therapy 10 years ago. Along with complementary healing modalities and perseverance, I initiated the beginning of the most outrageous healing experience of my inner landscape and struggled through broken bones and a shattered heart with determination, discipline and a love/hate attitude toward the Yoga Mat

I began to see that unless I saw myself, no one else was going to. Yoga is a Whole Self practice integrating the radical union of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. 

You CANNOT work on one aspect without touching the other. The past 11 years post showing up in my own life, have encouraged some of the most instrumental learning experiences and bare Truths. It's this simple. Each one of us is a magical being sent to earth to embody our human-ness, the Human Nature and embrace our magic, the Buddha Nature. This is what 361 means to me, what I choose as my 'Kaizen' (good change) – closing the circles of awakenings is 361 – finding a Wholeness in the suffering, aligning my vibration with Source and to who I essentially am. 
This is the raw creation of Mindful Living and Whole Self Integration. 

And so I too, choose to see your whole-ness through your broken-ness. I choose to cast Light on what fragments you through an amalgamation of craft called MATAMORPHOSIS. Having the tenacity to Start close in' (David Whyte) means having the Resilience to pause in this moment, and look inward at the pleasant and unpleasant and then Faith enough in yourself as you are, to take the first step toward standing in front of the mirror to look yourself in the eyes and whisper, "I SEE YOU" with compassion and no judgement despite the odds… Mindfully combining Yoga into movement therapy merged with the intimate collaboration of Mindfulness-based practices, Body Psychology and Consciousness frameworks, I intend to guide and support you to and through a journey of Personal Medicine should you choose to take your seat... 

My wish is to platform the space for your story as the mat has for me. To show you that it’s ok to have one and that there is Acceptance and Joy and Kaizen through any adversity. To embrace one’s path is to find form in the Formless and Life in the eyes that stare back at you. It’s the unapproachable, limitless Truth one finds. Courage of the Heart is required. Once that Courage is found, the Journey of UNTAMED EQUANIMITY begins and 361 becomes a way of life.

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